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Islamists in one neighborhood of Aleppo issued an order in July banning women from dressing in what it considered provocative styles, angering some who accused the group of overstepping its powers.

One Islamist rebel told Reuters that women in the Syria he envisioned would only be able to work in female-only environments, such as non-mixed schools and hospitals.

Syria ranked 19th out of 22 Arab states in a Thomson Reuters Foundation poll on women’s rights (, slightly better than Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Egypt.

The survey of gender experts carried out in August and September was based on key provisions of a U. convention against gender discrimination that almost all Arab states, including Syria, have signed.

Experts rated Syria badly in most categories, including gender violence, reproductive rights, economic inclusion, treatment of women within the family and attitudes towards women in politics and society.

They also said the war had had a devastating impact on women’s rights, putting millions of women and girls at risk of trafficking, forced and child marriage and sexual violence.

Sema Nassar, a Lattakia-based activist documenting rights abuses against women, says that because the government doesn’t acknowledge that these abuses occur, it has been hard for her to openly reach out to survivors.

New York-based Human Rights Watch has documented accounts of sexual assault in jail and during army raids - one on a girl as young at 12 - in what it says is a tactic “to humiliate and degrade”.

He said they were often kept in underground dungeons that have no sunlight, and some with small children.

In one of his cases, an entire family with six children was detained, Bunni said.

Some women are also imprisoned as hostages to be traded with their male relatives wanted by the state, he said.

“There’s the added humiliation of being tortured by men, and the women sometimes are forced to be nude,” he said.

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